Sport City Tower, Doha, Qatar



Sport City Tower in Doha, Qatar. The external facade of the 320 m high sky scraper is a combination of 
architectural stainless steel and glazing panels. Its structure combines reinforced concrete and structural steel, with deep piles and a slip-formed concrete core.


The Sport City Project Committee


Construction period:    
April 2005 - November 2006


Main contractor:
ARGE MIDMAC - Six Construct


VSL Middel East


Scope of supply:
44 pcs. thread bars  SAS 835/1035 Ø 75 mm, l ≥ 13 m with a post-tensioning force of 3,200 kN each 
inclusive all required accessories with nine ring-shaped arranged special slabs of more than 2,5 tons each 
and 300 mm thickness

At the elevation of 260 m above ground level, this post-tensioning system is required for the 
three-dimensional alignment of the 60 m high cantilever steel construction in form of a half-open tulip. Inside this construction a 30 m high goblet is placed, in which the Olympic flame burned during the Asian Games 2006.

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