Laguna Bridge, Pinheiros River, Brasil



Laguna Bridge, Pinheiros River, Brasil


Ulma Formas E Escoramentos Ltda.


Construction period:
January 2015 - March 2016


Construction company:
Odebrecht Infrastrutura / SPObras


SAS Protensão


Scope of supply:
SAS 900/1050 formwork ties FC 15, diameter 15 mm and SAS 950/105 post-tensioning thread bar, diameter 26.5, 32 and 36 mm.


Laguna Bridge consist of 1000 meters elevated road, including 105 meters over the Pinheiros river. The conforming project design had 2 temporary columns in the river. The redesign to construct the bridge with cantilever method saved 30% of the budget. The road beside the river was constructed over running traffic. The solution was to use scaffolding systems to construct the bridge over the 4 lanes of road. The SAS thread bar system was used to tie down and secure the weight of the scaffolding system and temporary steel structures.

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