SAS reinforcing systems

for reinforced concrete and road construction.


SAS rein­for­cing sys­tems are wi­de­ly used throughout the world in struc­tu­ral en­gi­nee­ring as well as buil­ding and road con­struc­tion.

The sys­tems con­sist of hot-rol­led SAS thre­ad bars and ac­cess­ories and are avail­able in the gra­des SAS 500/550, SAS 550/620 and SAS 555/700. The op­ti­mal­ly sui­ted and ver­sa­ti­le ac­cess­ories are used to coup­le bars and mi­ni­mi­ze an­cho­r­a­ge lengths by me­ans of spe­cial rein­force­ment end an­cho­ra­ges that can al­so be in­stal­led in dif­fi­cult ap­p­li­ca­ti­on con­di­ti­ons.

The thre­ad bars of our SAS rein­for­cing sys­tems ha­ve be­en tried and pro­ven for de­ca­des and now play an in­dis­pensa­ble ro­le in mo­dern rein­forced con­cre­te con­struc­tion.

They ha­ve be­en suc­cess­ful­ly in­stal­led in nu­merous rein­forced con­cre­te struc­tu­res, e.g. in the ADAC buil­ding in Mu­nich (FRG), Ber­lin Go­vern­ment Buil­ding (FRG), bal­last­less track (track sup­porting sl­abs) of the Nürn­berg & Er­furt ICE high speed tracks (FRG) and in the Rhein­fel­den hy­dro­electric power sta­ti­on (FRG).

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