SAS anchor systems for mining and tunnelling application.


SAS an­chor sys­tems are used in va­rious ways in mi­ning and tun­nel­ling con­struc­tions and ser­ve to op­ti­mi­ze traf­fic rou­tes or mi­ne raw ma­te­ri­als. De­pen­dent on the con­struc­tion sys­tem used, geo­lo­gy of the sur­roun­ding rock and hy­dro­lo­gi­cal con­di­ti­ons un­der­ground, we of­fer a va­rie­ty of an­chor sys­tems to meet spe­ci­fic pro­ject re­qui­re­ments.

SAS permanent anchor system used for soil stabilization systems. Anchors are devices which introduce forces through the pre-stressed components into the ground. The function of the pre-stressed anchors is to prevent stretch deformations caused by occurring loads and to provide safety by transferring the forces into the grouted body, which transfers the load into the stable building ground.

SAS an­chor sys­tems are avail­able using thre­ad bars in the gra­des SAS 450/700, SAS 500/550 (with DIBT ap­pro­val), SAS 650/800, SAS 670/800 and as smooth bars, gra­de E 360/690-830. The wi­de ran­ge of steel gra­des en­su­res tech­nic and eco­no­mic op­ti­mi­zed con­struc­tion sys­tems.

SAS an­chor sys­tems such as the SAS ex­pan­si­on shell an­chor or SAS re­sin an­chor sys­tems are eit­her in­di­vi­dual­ly as­sem­bled or sup­p­lied as pre­as­sem­bled an­chor sys­tems. SAS an­chor sys­tems ef­fec­tive­ly im­pro­ve the sta­bi­li­ty of un­der­ground rock mas­ses. The in­crea­sed load-be­a­ring ca­pa­ci­ty of the rock con­di­ti­ons enables an ear­ly con­struc­tion start, thus pro­vi­ding both tech­ni­cal and eco­no­mic ad­van­ta­ges.

For soil stabilization the SAS Rock bolt system and the SAS Hollow bar system are used. Hollow bar nails consist of three main components: the nail head, the steel tendon (including coupler and single-use drill bit) and the grout body. The steel tendon is a hollow steel bar with a cold rolled round thread and can therefore be cut or joined at any desired point.


Thanks to our sys­tem­s’ fle­xi­ble ap­p­li­ca­ti­on op­ti­ons, our cust­o­m­ers can choo­se next to me­cha­ni­cal and che­mi­cal an­chors and bolts from a va­rie­ty of an­cho­ring sys­tems, e.g. eye­bolt an­chors, hook an­chors and ad­di­tio­nal roof sup­port struc­tu­res, which are all cust­om-tailo­red to sa­tis­fy in­di­vi­du­al pro­ject re­qui­re­ments.

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