SAS thread bar systems

Solutions for individual challenges in technical engineering.


We supply high-quality thread bars of various grades, up to pre­stress­ing steel quality, in a range of diameters from 12 to 75 mm.

Our SAS thread bar systems are used for connections, formworks and anchorages in large-scale construction projects. Whether for building construction, civil engineering, bridge and road construction, tunnelling or min­ing, we supply the appropriate steel products.

The advantages of our SAS thread bar systems are multifaceted: Featuring screwable thread ribs along its full length, the SAS thread bar can be cut and coupled at any given point. Handling is very simple and absolutely ideal for construction sites. SAS thread bars are tailored to meet cus­tomer requirements and are supplied with the necessary accessory components as required.

Have a look on some of our SAS systems projects
or download our reference catalogue.

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